Aqueous USA 2017 Accepted Paintings

Join us in celebrating the fine art of these artists who will exhibit in Aqueous USA 2017.  
First Name   Last Name   Painting Title

Christine Alfery           Road Less Traveled
Bill Bailey                    Wide Load
Gloria Baker               Ascension#2
Judi Betts                   Harbor Town
Cindy Brabeck-King   Jams Jellies and Creams
Marilynne Bradley      Natures Architecture
Carol Brody                Party, Papers and Ribbons VII
Gary Brooks               Pears on Sill
Debbie Cannatella     Homeless
Sandra Carpenter      Charleston
Steve Clay                  Dumpster Dive#1
Pat Cook                    Conversation XCIX
Kay Coop                   Edificio Havana
Doris Davis-Clackin    Ode To The Setting Sun
Judy Duke                  Risen
Z L Feng                    The Officer
Barrie Foster              Stephan
Jo Friel                       Tall Redheaded Girl
Carol Frye                  Like Water Under The Bridge
George Gow               Salmon
John Hewitt                 Death Valley
Cathy Hillegas            Morning Near Madison
Sue Hinkebein            What Should I Paint
Mary Pat Hoessle       Inside The Prismatic Iris
Carol Hubbard            Helen's Scarf
Larry Hughes              Memories of Stones
Deborah Jinkins          Lamentation Of Swans
Gina Judy                   The Sitter
Susan Keith               Along The Rivers Edge
Shirley Kleppe            Picture Puzzle
Lynn Kroll                   Oragami II
Christine Krupinski     The Lost Cherry
Steve Kuhlman           North Floyd
Alexis Levine              Toppa The Eighth
Doree Loschiavo        Sounds
William McKeown       The Old Salt
Christine Misencik-Bunn    Anticipation
Yoshiko Mishini          Female Face Study
Dean Mitchell             Napolean House
Joyce Moon               Mid Day Sun
Judy Mudd                 Midday Conversations
Verena Murvin           Shades of Gold
Benjamin Nay III          Out To Pasture
Elaine Nunnally          Driving Into The Glare
Tom Powell                Parade Route
Jeny Reynolds           Looking Beyond
Vivian Ripley              Warm Current
Patricia Ritter             Secrets
Joan Rothel               Storage In The Barn
Alice Scanlon            The Fisherman
Tamara Scantland-Adams       Swan
Arena Shawn             Fire Dance
Fran Sherer               Diner
Carolyn Smith            Sweet Memories
Mary Spellings           No More Mother Lode
Tuva Stevens            The Survivor
Jane Stoddard           Still Water
Julie Strabel               Malia
DonTaylor                  Peace at 811
Dawn Thomas            Arroyo Seco Relic
Elaine West                First Light
Donna Witty               Hi, Grandma!

Please remember the judge’s decisions are final.
This year KWS observes its 40th anniversary year and we hope you will join the celebration. You can
participate by:        
Becoming a sponsor of our top awards by sending a monetary contribution to
P.O. Box 7135, Louisville, KY 40257.  You will be listed in the catalogue!
Lend your time and energy to getting ready for Aqueous by volunteering to help:
accept shipped paintings (Oct. 9-12 pick your time),         
hang the show (Nov. 13),
set up and greet at the opening reception, or
take down/transport painting after the show(Jan. 2).
      EMAIL Deborah Jinkins to volunteer

Attending the Opening Reception and Awards Presentation on Friday, November 17, 5:30 PM at
Actors Theatre, Louisville, KY.

Attending the KWS Aqueous Dinner to be held immediately after the Opening Reception…details to